Surnames from Mother to Daughter of Antonia LeRouge:

Lujan, Vigil, Rodriguez, Martinez, and Duran

Mom was born on March 4, 1916.  Her birth certificate stated that she was born in Lumberton, New Mexico and her parents were Antonio LeRouge and Antonia Duran.  This birth certificate stated that it was a “delayed birth certificate”.

The “story “of my Mother’s birth was that her Mother would go to Pagosa Springs to her Mother’s house to have her babies.  If that was the case, her birth was probably in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and not Lumberton New Mexico, hence the “delayed birth certificate”.  In 1916, she may or may not have been delivered by a Doctor.

The Census documentation at the bottom is not complete.  I was unable to find census information for my Grandmother Antonia Duran LeRouge after the 1910 census.  Our Mother was born in 1916; therefore her Mother should be listed in the 1920 census along with my Mother and our Grandfather.  

Little else to go by, but her birth certificate, we have attempted to locate our Ancestors.

Who were these ancestors?  Enter, Betty Earle. Betty is what could originally be called our “Genetic Cousin”.  We match through the Mitochondrial DNA, New Mexico DNA Project, of Family Tree.

 We are no longer Genetic Cousins, but just Cousins or Primas.  We don’t know which ancestor we connect to, so a Genealogy of Mom’s would be helpful.  While researching her ancestors, Betty is always in the lookout for ours.  It was Betty that located the 1930 US Federal Census of our Great Grandfather, Rosario Duran.  In that household was Carlos LeRouge, age 14, the Grandson of Rosario Duran, our Uncle Carlos, and our Mother’s Brother.  That was what we needed, another starting point.  And, thanks to Betty we’re on our way.

With that information on hand, I’ve located some more of Mom’s relatives.

 Please contact me if you also connect, can add to this family tree, or have any corrections !!

:: The following is what we have so far  ::

1. Mother -Paula (Lujan) Vigil- Her Daughter Maria Antonia Vigil.

2. Mother - Maria Antonia (Vigil) Rodriguez- Her daughter Maria Antonia Rodriguez.

3. Mother - Maria Antonia (Rodriguez) Martinez – Her daughter Maria Dolores Martinez.

4. Mother - Maria Dolores (Martinez) Duran – Her daughter Antonia Duran.

5. Mother - Antonia Duran- Her daughter Antonia (Duran) LeRouge.

These women comprise the Mitochondrial DNA of our Mother Antonia.  Her Haplogroup is B: Native American

Re: Martinez-Duran Missing Links, Message Board

Jose Rosario Duran, legitimate son of Antonio Abran Duran and of Maria Agapita Martinez with Dolores Martinez, single, legitimate daughter of Antonio Adanto Martinez and of Maria Antonia Rodriguez.

This information states that Maria Agapita Duran maiden name was Martinez, and that Maria Antonia Martinez maiden name was Rodriguez.  

Re: Maria Antonia Vigil

Ancestry.Com, family tree

Maria Antonia Vigil daughter of Julian Antonio Vigil and Paula Lujan (No family listed for Paula Lujan)

1850 United States Federal

Juan Rodrigas – s/b Juan Ignacio Rodriguez

Maria Rodrigas- s/b Maria Antonia Vigil

Children: Francisco, Juana, Guadelupe, Ologio, Paula, Juan, Antonia, Dolores, Ramona and Manuela – all spelled Rodrigas

 Rio Arriba New Mexico Territory

Note No. 1: Juan and Maria are Juan Ignacio Rodriguez and Antonia Vigil Rodriguez, our 3rd Great Grand Mother and Father.  Their daughter Antonia-Maria Antonia Rodriguez married Antonio Adanto Martinez.

1860 United States Federal

Juan Ignacio Rodriguez-Husband

Antonia Vigil-Wife

Children: Eulogio, Iran, Vicente, Juana, Antonia, Ramona, Dolores and Manuela Rodriguez

Precinct 6, Rio Arriba, New Mexico Territory

Note No. 2:  same as No. 1

1870 United States Federal

Antonio Duran – Husband

Agapita Duran – Wife

Children- Jesucita, Rosario J, Seferino, Piedad and Rufina

San Jose, Rio Arriba, New Mexico Territory

Note No. 3: Antonio Duran and Agapita Duran are our 2nd Great Grand Father and Mother.  Agapita’s maiden name is Maria Agapita Martinez. Their son Rosario J. Duran is our Great Grand Father and the Husband of Dolores (Dolorita) Martinez.

1880 United States Federal

Antonio Aban Duran-Husband

Agapita Duran-Wife

Children-Rosario, Severino, Demetrio, Piedad, Carlota, Estefana, Sabina and Benita

Rio Arriba, Rio Arriba, New Mexico

Note No. 4: Same as No. 3

1880 United States Federal

Antonio Martinez-Husband

M. Antonia Martinez-Wife

Children-Juan B. Pelisiano, Eursula, Dolores, Mariana and Maxsedmia

Rio Arriba, Rio Arriba, New Mexico

Note No. 5: Antonio Martinez and M. Antonia Martinez are our 2nd Great Grand Father and Mother.  M. Antonia’s maiden name is Rodriguez.  Their daughter Dolores (Dolorita) is our Great Grand Mother and the wife of Rosario J. Duran.

1900 United States Federal

Antonio Martinez-Husband

Antonia Martinez-Wife

Children-Marianita and MacEdonia

Edith, Archuleta, Colorado (residence was Pagosa Springs)

Note No. 6: Same as No. 5

                 1900 United States Federal

Antonio Duran-Husband

Agapita Duran-Wife

Children-Estefna, Demetrio and Carlota

Park View, Rio Arriba, New Mexico

Note No. 7: Same as No. 3

1900 United States Federal

Rosario Martinez – Error on Census – s/b Rosario Duran – Husband

Dolores Martinez- wife-Martinez was her maiden name-She is now married to Rosario Duran.

Children-Antonia, Atanacio, Melisendro, Sabina and Elvira – Error on Census-surname listed as Martinez-s/b Duran

Park View, Rio Arriba, New Mexico

Note No. 8: Rosario Duran and Dolores Martinez Duran are our Great Grand Father and Mother.  Their daughter Antonia Duran is our Grand Mother.

1910 United States Federal Census-Ancestry.Com

Antonio Martinez-Husband

Antonia R. Martinez-Wife

Children-Juan B. Martinez – Grand children – Silviano Martinez, Andres Martinez, Francisco A. Martinez and Bernardita Garcia.

Lumberton, Rio Arriba, New Mexico

Note No. 9: Same as No. 5

1910 United States Federal Census-Ancestry.Com

Rosario Duran-Husband

Doloritas Duran-Wife

Children-Antonia, Atanacio, Melisendore, Savina, Elvira, Miguel, Flor, Rosario and Vicente

Tierra Amarilla, Rio Arriba, New Mexico

Note No. 10: Same as No. 8

1920 United States Federal Census-Ancestry.Com

Pasario Durtan (Rosaria Duran)s/b Rosario Duran – Husband

No wife listed

Children-Sabinita, Elvira, Miguel, Flor, Rosario, Vicente and Carlos (in the 1930 census, Carlos is his Grandson Carlos LeRouge)

Lumberton, Rio Arriba, New Mexico

Note No. 11: Same as No. 8

1930 United States Federal Census-Ancestry.Com

Rosario Duran-Husband

No wife listed

Children-Rosario Duran, Vicenti Duran, Grandsons Carlos LeRouge and Cristobal Valdez

Lumberton, Rio Arriba, New Mexico

Note No. 112: Same as No. 8